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What is Lipolysis Injection Therapy?

Say Good-bye to your “problem areas.”

Like many other people, you are probably familiar with the problem that despite changes in eating habits, weight reducing diets and special exercise regimes, deposits of fat in certain areas of the body will simply not go away. Injection lipolysis is, however, not a new miracle method for losing weight. What the therapy does do is to enable the fat in specific, individual regions of the body to be broken down and then absorbed by the body’s metabolism. The active substance is injected via very thin needles directly into the area concerned, causing the fat cells to be dissolved. The fat which is released is then naturally and permanently disposed of by the body. The body circumference in this region is measurably reduced. The injection technique also means that, because of its elasticity, the skin in the area concerned tightens again, so creating a smooth and firm surface.

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How does it work?

Injection Lipolysis uses a substance called Phosphatidylcholine (PPC), which is injected into the targeted areas of the body to eliminate fat build-up. PPC helps to destroy the walls of the fat cells, without affecting other cells of the body. This in turn allows for the releasing of the fat, which is then metabolised by the body in a natural way.

When do we advise against it?

The treatment is not suitable for adolescents and children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, or those suffering of certain medical conditions and disease. Inform your specialists in detail about you medical history.

What is the typical course of treatment?

Most patients require three to five treatments over a course of 8-12 weeks. The skin will be disinfected before the product is introduced through multiple subcutaneous injections. The size, as well as amount of fat loss required, will determine the number of treatments you will need to achieve the desired outcome

Generally, patients see results after about three to five treatment sessions. The number of sessions required differs from person to person.

What should you expect from the treatment?

Do not expect overnight results, as it can take up to two months for an optimal outcome to be noticed, and results may vary from person to person. You may experience swelling, tenderness and bruising in the treated area that could last for a few days. These effects are normal. They will subside over time and you will not have any reason to restrict your activity, change your diet, your daily supplements or medication (if any).

Over a period, you will notice the treated fatty area gradually feels smaller, firmer and tighter. The procedure also improves blood circulation, helps the body to burn, rather than store fat, lowers cholesterol levels and increases the metabolic rate of the body.

The treatment is not recommended for the removal of larger deposits of fat.  A more cost effective alternate in these cases would be Laser Lipolysis.

What are the unwanted effects and risks of the treatment?

Apart from swelling and some minor bruising, injection lipolysis has proven to be relatively safe. Other commonly accepted cosmetic procedures are often much more invasive.  Side effects reported include:

  • Redness to the skin at treatment
  • Moderate to severe swelling
  • Small palpable bumps under the injection is normal
  • Bruising to treated area (excluding face/neck)
  • General aching (flu symptoms)
  • Skill feeling tight and warm or hot
  • Skin numbness at treated area